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Weight loss problems Official diet sites
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Weight loss problems

  • Diet Plateau.com. A comprehensive book about the factors that can prevent weight loss, and how to conquer weight loss problems such as a diet stall or plateau and depressed metabolism. Relevant for anyone on a diet or thinking about going on a diet, whether low carb, low GI, low calorie, low fat or any other kind of weight loss diet.

Official diet sites

  • Controlled Carbohydrate Nutrition. The website of Jacqueline Eberstein, R.N., who worked with Dr Robert Atkins for many years and continues to promote his vision for better health through a controlled carb diet. Find links to many of the important studies on low carb diets on the Research pages, particularly here and here
  • The Veronica Atkins Foundation. The website of Dr Atkins' widow, Veronica Atkins, who continues to promote Dr Atkins' vision for better health through a controlled carb diet.
  • Dr Bernstein's Diabetes Solution. Official website, including Dr Bernstein's own personal experiences, and testimonials from his patients, about getting better control of diabetes using the methods in his book, including use of a low carb diet.
  • Eat yourself slim. Official website of the Montignac Method. Slightly hard-to-find description of the diet is under Method.
  • Protein Power. Official website of the Protein Power Diet. Support and information including FAQs, very active discussion boards, chatroom and bibliography of published independent research supporting the diet.

Diet support programs

If you like a structured approach, with your day's personalised meal plans provided for you together with shopping lists, fitness programs and access to support services online or via chat, try out eDiets.

UK focus

  • eDiets UK (operated by Tescodiets.com). Atkins, low GI and lower sugar diets are currently supported under the eDiets UK membership programme. . !

Low carb information and support community sites

US/international focus

  • Livin' La Vida Low-Carb. Site, forum and blog of one of the low carb world's most colourful personalities, Jimmy Moore
  • LowCarbFriends. One of the most extensive sites for low carb diet support and motivation, including recipe rooms, chat rooms, extremely active discussion boards, FAQs and much more
  • Low Carb Diets n Recipes. FAQ, interesting selection of low carb articles and studies, and a fantastic index of useful information from low carber sites all over the Web (click on 'low carb articles') and much more.
  • Truly Low Carb. Another extensive support and information site, including very useful FAQ, helpful articles on yoghurt and other cookery topics, recipes, newsletter, chat room and very active bulletin board
  • CarbHealth. Support community for every low carb lifestyle, including recipes, forums, information, shopping, a printed low carb magazine and more
  • Low Carb Nexus. Information for low carbers, including some useful hints and tips and FAQs, recipes and low carb diet books and cookbooks in association with Amazon

UK focus

  • Low Carb in the UK. Information on where to get low carb products in the UK, comprehensive listings of low carb diet books and cookbooks in association with Amazon, recipes and some extremely useful FAQs on a range of topics including cookery

Canada focus with UK, Ireland and Australia/New Zealand sections

  • Atkins diet and low-carb support. Extensive information and support site including discussion boards with active sections for UK, Ireland and Australia/New Zealand and low carb online shop listings. Of particular note: research and news articles categorised by topic and split by 'for' and 'against low carbing' and an international 'yellow pages' listing of local low carb shops and low carb friendly restaurants which could help take the headache out of travelling.

New Zealand focus

  • Low Carb NZ. Information including recipes, where to find low carb products in NZ, hints and tips and a checklist to help identify symptoms caused by unstable blood sugar, yeast infection and/or food allergy/intolerance/addiction (all of which respond well to low carb diets).

Australia focus

  • A Pinch of Health. A nice Australia-based independent low carb and organic/wholefood/healthy living support site with a great forum and interesting links.

Sitios en espanol

  • Dieta Atkins. Foros excelentes sobre la Dieta de Atkins, en espanol.

Vegetarian low carbing

  • Active Low-Carber Forums. Vegetarian low carbers' forum with lots of veggie low carbing tips and questions answered.
  • How to Plan a Vegetarian Low Carb Meal. Nikola Howard's very helpful article reprinted from CarbHealth Magazine.
  • Vegetarian Lowcarb. Lowcarb vegetarian Cyndi Norman's site - the place to go for listings of vegetarian sources of protein showing their protein and carbohydrate values including a comprehensive list of grains and flours, sample menus and low carb vegetarian recipes.

Carb and protein value reference and diet tracking tool sites

  • US Department of Agriculture Nutrient Database. Comprehensive, quick reference for carb, protein (and other nutrient) values of individual foods (if outside USA see categorisation of fibre). For alphabetical lists of foods for a single nutrient click here and select relevant report (pdf format.)
  • NutritionData.com. Quick reference, very clear, easy to read and impressively detailed nutrient data for a very wide selection of generic and branded foods (if outside USA see categorisation of fibre). Includes a Fast Foods section including Dairy Queen, KFC, Krispy Kreme, McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Subway and Taco Bell. Permits searches for foods high or low in specific nutrients. You can also add new foods or recipes. Entering your entire day's menus enables you to get a detailed analysis of your diet.
  • CalorieKing.com. Quick reference for carb values of a very wide selection of generic and branded foods (but see categorisation of fibre). Also has a very comprehensive Fast-Foods and Restaurants section giving carb values for individual items at KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, TGI Friday's and many more.
  • FitDay.com. FitDay's free foods/nutrients, exercise, weight loss and goals tracking tool

Reference, research and articles

  • Dr Hotze explains Thyroid Test Problems. Dr Hotze's YouTube video on why the usual thyroid tests including the TSH test are often not accurate.
  • The Trouble with Fructose - a Darwinian Perspective. Dr Robert Lustig's 2011 Ancestral Health Symposium (AHS) talk on YouTube about the role of insulin and leptin in weight regulation and the effect of fructose on these.
  • Is Sugar Toxic? Gary Taubes' article in the New York Times on 13 April 2011.
  • Fructose and obesity. Robert H. Lustig, MD, UCSF Professor of Pediatrics, Division of Endocrinology on YouTube video, explaining why fructose is one of the worst culprits in obesity.
  • Good Diet Good Health.com. A site and newsletter dedicated to raising awareness of the connection between diet, nutrition and health and providing information and resources for weight loss, allergy and other special diets.
  • The Warmingham TSH Hypothesis. Why someone on thyroid supplementation HAS to have a 'suppressed' TSH (TSH less than approx 0.3) in order for their thyroid levels to be high enough.
  • National Academy of Hypothyroidism. A non-profit, multidisciplinary medical society dedicated to the dissemination of new information on the diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism, led by Kent Holtorf, M.D.
  • Dr Holtorf's page on low thyroid. Explanation of thyroid hormones, how they fail to work properly in many people despite 'normal' thyroid tests and references to many studies showing how low thyroid can be the hidden cause of weight loss problems.
  • Dr Malcolm Kendrick on how cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease. Video in 5 parts of the presentation that UK General Practitioner Dr Malcolm Kendrick gave to the BMA (British Medical Association)at their meeting in Leeds. Here are Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
  • What causes heart attacks?. US physician Thomas Cowan MD's article explaining why stress not cholesterol or saturated fat is the cause of heart disease, and how by reducing cholesterol we are depriving our bodies of the very substance they need to manufacture the 'cardiotonics' that protect our hearts.
  • Cholesterol, heart disease and statins. THINCS (International Network of Cholesterol Skeptics) founder Dr Uffe Ravnskov's interview with Dr Barry Groves on why cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease and why statins are useless.
  • cholesterol-and-health.com. Chris Masterjohn's site debunking the many myths about the supposed dangers of cholesterol.
  • Know Your Fats. Comprehensive set of articles by internationally renowned expert Mary Enig, PhD on fats, their impact on health, which fats are bad and which are good, and the politico-economic shenanigans that have resulted in us eating entirely the wrong sort.
  • The Weston A. Price Foundation. Information on why eating low carb is more healthy than a low fat diet for type 2 diabetics and can even eliminate the condition. Also good explanations of what insulin and glucagon do, what happens in hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia, how insulin resistance works, how chronic stress could cause type 2 diabetes, and information on herbs, vitamins and other nutrients for diabetics.
  • Mary Vernon MD's site. Video of physician Mary Vernon MD explaining insulin resistance, the ability of not just carbs but also hormones and stress to disrupt blood sugar levels, and how she discovered that her diabetic patients got better when she began to treat them with carbohydrate restriction instead of medications.
  • Controlcarb.com. Website of one of the foremost experts on the Atkins Diet, Jacqueline Eberstein, R.N. Excellent summaries and slideshows about the Atkins Nutritional Approach and how to do it, and an extensive FAQ explaining why common beliefs that the diet damages the liver, kidneys, bones or heart and that ketosis is dangerous are ill-informed myths.
  • Nutrition and Metabolism Society. The latest scientific studies and opinions on nutrition, diabetes, low carb diets, fats and more. Scientific board members include Drs Richard Feinman, Eric Westman, Jeff Volek, Gil Wilshire whose names frequently appear amongst the authors of studies related to low carb diets.
  • The Scientist and the Stairmaster New York Times journalist Gary Taubes' article on 24 September 2007 on how exercising may not cause you to lose weight after all. Quite the reverse: it may make you store fat rather than burn fat!
  • The quality of calories: what makes us fat and why nobody seems to care A webcast by Gary Taubes at the School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley, on 27 November 2007.
  • What if it's all been a big fat lie? Article in The New York Times on 7 July 2002 by journalist Gary Taubes on how the recommendation decades ago that we all eat a low fat diet lacked good scientific evidence, and how 'low fat is healthy' proponents may soon be forced by the evidence to accept that carbohydrates not fat are the real villains. MIT interview with Gary Taubes about his 'Big Fat Lie' article, containing links to other related articles.
  • Diabetes, insulin, leptin and diet. An article by Ron Rosedale, MD on 3 December 2007 on the pitfalls of treating diabetes with insulin and a high carb diet, and the role of leptin in insulin resistance.
  • Calcium loss and bone health on low carb. An article debunking the myth that low carb or high protein diets cause bone loss.
  • Linus Pauling Institute. Detailed explanation of glycemic index and glycemic load The Atkins Nutritional Approach Research Library, containing abstracts, articles and research summaries on the subject of the weight loss and other health benefits of the Atkins Nutritional Approach
  • The metabolic effects of insulin Transcription on Dr Mercola's site (registration required) of a presentation given by Ron Rosedale MD - a fascinatingly detailed account of everything you could possibly want to know about insulin, including insulin's relationship with ageing, heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, the thyroid, magnesium and what happens in insulin resistance
  • Low Carbohydrate Diet Science. Doctor Jan McBride's review of the available research. She explains her conclusions that the US Food Guide Pyramid (healthy eating guidelines) is wrong and that it is high fat/high carbohydrate diets that cause heart disease, debates why many doctors are still rejecting low carb diets and compares some of the most popular low carb diets
  • Pat Sonnenstuhl's Insulin Resistance and Healthy Lifestyle Choices pages. A fascinating and detailed site for everything relating to insulin resistance, including diabetes and PCOS. Don't be put off by the title - this site is a goldmine of information for all low carbers and anyone interested in controlling blood sugar and insulin. Find professional reviews of low carb/low GI diet books, an amazing collection of 'food pyramids' and 'healthy eating guidelines' from countries all over the world (including revised ones proposed by low carbers) and so much more it is impossible to list them. Don't miss this site!
  • Low-Carb Pavilion's pages on biochemistry of nutrition (how each food group is metabolised, the relevance of the glycemic index, why 'a calorie is a calorie is a calorie' is incorrect), hidden carbs (eg fillers, sugar alcohols (polyols) and glycerine) and US food labelling
  • The Controlled Carb Assessment Registry Bank Study's very helpful summary on sugar alcohol sweeteners
  • Atkins Diet & Low Carb Weightloss Support's pages on sweeteners including stevia, sugar alcohols and sucralose and low carb plans (comparing a number of different low carb plans, each summary presented by a dieter who has read and followed the plan)
  • Second Opinions. Barry Groves' site exposing dietary and medical misinformation on topics such as low carb diets and the alleged link between dietary fat and heart disease, including independent published research references. Don't miss his article Do Calories Really Count? on the calorie-is-a-calorie myth, his explanation of why low carb high fat diets really do have a metabolic advantage for weight loss, and why, contrary to common belief in the medical world, the 'metabolic advantage' is no contradiction of the Laws of Thermodynamics. Another one not to miss is his article Why Low Carb Diets Must Be High Fat, Not High Protein
  • Life Extension Foundation. Extensively detailed information, supported by independent published research references, on many diseases and conditions. The protocol on Type II diabetes provides detailed explanations of hyperinsulinemia, insulin resistance, Syndrome X, carbohydrate metabolism, the glycemic index, the link between high insulin levels and heart disease and more

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